Relaxed Electrophysiological Data Acquisition,
Control, and Stimulation

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The relacs modules concept.

Plugins play an important role in relacs. They adapt relacs to specific hardware drivers and they allow you to implement research protocols, filters, spike detectors, etc.

The plugins can be grouped into high-level plugins and device plugins. In the following, plugins of both groups are sorted by either the plugins set they belong to or their type.

High-Level Plugins

High-level plugins work on data and/or generate data independently of the hardware.

High-Level Plugin Sets

The plugins come in sets that contain plugins for a specific experimental setting:

Most of these plugin sets (not the "basic plugins") come with a demo configuration and macro file. Simply cd to the base directory of the plugin set (below the plugins/ directory) and run

$> ./relacslocal -3

from there for a demo.

High-Level Plugin Types

The same plugins as from the previous section but sorted by their type:

  • RePro (54): Research protocols for online data analysis, visualization and stimulus generation.
  • Control (8): General information about a recording, passive analysis, and control of additional hardware.
  • Filter (4): Filter analog input traces and events.
  • Detector (6): Detect events (e.g.spikes) in analog input traces and events.
  • Model (5): A model for the simulation mode.
  • ModelLib (26): Libraries to be used by model plugins.
  • Lib (6): Libraries to be used by other plugins.

Device Plugins

The device plugins make differrent devices available to relacs.

Device-Plugin Sets

Plugins for specific hardware families also come in sets:

  • Comedi (4): Interfaces to the Comedi data acquisition library for normal (streaming) analog input and output.
  • RTAI-Comedi (6): Plugins for dynamic clamp based on RTAI and comedi.
  • DAQFlex (4): Data acquisition devices of Measurement Computing's DAQFlex series.
  • Att-CS3310 (4): Various interfaces to the CS3310 attenuator.
  • Miscellaneous (8): Various other device plugins.

Device-Plugin Types

The same plugins as from the previous section but sorted by their type:

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