Relaxed Electrophysiological Data Acquisition,
Control, and Stimulation

... enjoy your recordings


Version 0.9.8
January, 2017
Support of NIX files.
November, 2016
Dynamic clamp module runs smoothly.
March, 2015
Dynamic clamp module provides status traces with output and timing information.
February, 2015
Added dynamic clamp support to simulation mode.
December, 2014
Added widget for configuring analog input traces.
June, 2014
Added audio monitor via portaudio.
November, 2013
Simplified blocking issues of the data-acquisition core for improved data acquisition performance
November, 2012
Made internal representation of key-value pais hierarchical to simplify lots of code and to better fit the odML standard.
Version 0.9.7
October, 2012
Tagged this version as the current stable one.
March, 2011
Full odML metadata support.
November, 2010
First release of the Qt4 port.
May, 2010
Started porting RELACS to Qt4 for improved performance.
Version 0.9.6
May, 2010
Last release of the Qt3 based version. Many new plugins for investigating electrosensory systems.
February, 2010
First successful application of the dynamic-clamp in a real patch-clamp recording. Thank you, Clemens!
July, 2009
Introduced DigitalIO device interface and got attenuator back into RELACS.
March, 2009
First working version of the dynamic clamp modules thanks to Marco.
December, 2008
Working interface to the comedi library supporting many data acquisition boards.
June 14, 2008
Full autotools support in the subversion repository. That is, relacs should compile smoothly on your system provided running ./configure was successfull.
Mar 1, 2008
The new web site goes online.
Version 0.9.0 - prerelease
Aug 22, 2007
Note that names of libraries and classes as well as class interfaces may still change. Also, no hardware support is shipped with this release. Use this release as a demo only and don't put any work into it. Wait for the first official release (we are working hard on this, but don't expect the official release available before spring 2008).
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