Relaxed Electrophysiological Data Acquisition,
Control, and Stimulation

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We want to the thank the following people for contributing to relacs:

  • Christian Machens for the initial design and implementation of 'OEL', the predecessor of relacs.
  • Marco Hackenberg for the many coding parties, his terrific new dynamic-clamp algorithms, and the new interfaces to the analog input/output devices.
  • Jan Grewe for enhancing the meta-data reusability and implementing NIX support.
  • Clemens Boucsein for a great collaboration on the first dynamic-clamp project of relacs.
  • Christian Garbers for his many hints arising from his ERG project.
  • Hartmut Schütze for his enthusiasm, hardware support, ideas, and for the new name relacs.
  • Tim Gollisch for successfully using the online analysis and stimulus generation features of 'OEL' (the former name of relacs) for his new 'iso-response' method.
  • Prof. Andreas V. M. Herz for hosting this project.
  • all the students that used this software and helped to improve it: Frederik Edin, Olga Kolesnikova, Roland Schaette, Ariel Rokem, Samuel Glauser, Charlotte Pix, Karin Fisch, Jan Grewe, Henriette Walz, Jörg Henninger, Anna Jöst, Franziska Küpfbeck, Anna Stöckl.
  • Sebastian Pipping for his expert help with the GNU Autotools.
  • Larry Ewing for making the crystallized Tux available under the GPL.
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